Sunday, February 1, 2015

Finance20: The Swiss Finanzmesse 2015 goes digital

The Swiss fair for structured products and the one for funds turn the page and move to an other chapter. They become one and above all they become digital. In Switzerland there are already a number of events on Finance 2.0 but they are unfortunately rather frequented by tech guys than by business bankers. The Finanzmesse 2015 seems to be the first big event with mainly business guys with a good part of Finance 2.0 and Social Media. Cudos!

In the financial sector, at least in Switzerland, it has become harder and harder to attract a wide audience. To combine the fair for structured products and the one for funds has been a good idea, so is to focus more on the new, the finance 2.0 world. Several steps were taken to become more digital.

Social Media

The responsibles of Finanz 2015 have increased their activity on Twitter significantly quite some time ago. They are interactive, respond on questions and have increased their activity on twitter in the last weeks before the event even more. This time there is also a hashtag #finanz15 and above all it has been communicated well. For those who can not participate, follow on twitter. I believe the number of people will still be limited but there will be activities. Certainly I will tweet. Take take a look! There will also be a tweet wall at the fair. Therefore who will be absent can not only follow on Twitter but also post their input to the Finzanz 2015 participants.

Finanz15 App

This time there is also a free and easy to use app available. Great one doesn't need to carry around the paper program anymore and waste time by searching for panels and speeches. No everything is at your fingertips.

Round Tables on Finance 2.0

Last but not at all least, there are going to be also two round tables on Finance 2.0 with very interesting panelists. 

Probably the Finance 2.0 activities will not be a huge success yet. It still needs a bit of time till people jump on the train. But it is important to give it a go in order the audience gets aware of it. I hope Finanz 2015 has enough perseverance! ... and I hope there will be Calanda this time!!;-)

Good luck! 

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