Sunday, February 8, 2015

Swiss Finance Fair in Zurich 4th - 5th February, a Summery of my Visit

This year it was the first time to hold this fair as a combination of the fund fair and fair for structured products. Will it be a success or will it show, that the time of big financial fairs is over? Many people asked themselves this question. It seemed that the organizers put a lot of energy in the preparation and also seemed to have some new fresh ideas.

The fair started to be busy right from the door opening on the day for professionals as on the day for private investors. The visitors where queuing already at 10 o clock. Good for the fair, less good for me who had to stand in line;-)

Right when entering, there was a tweet wall. Finanzmesse 2015 this time really seemed to put a focus on Finance 2.0, great! Even the better it showed, that at least some people where tweeting actively. Above all, the organizers tweeted very actively as well, already weeks before the fair and even more actively during the event. Well done!

There was a panel with the title "Wealth Management 2.0". Not reading the details one could expect something else, something which talks about solutions for a successful future. Actually it was about regulations. The same "old" people talked about the same "old" problems. 2.0 means the future, 1.0 the present, right? Then a more appropriate title would have been "Wealth Management - 2.0" (minus 2.0, meaning the far past). Sorry, I am mean;-) At least Gerard Fischer, CEO of Swisscanto made some good points and made clear, that the extreme regulations we have now help nobody, not the banks and above all not the clients. Filling in a big number of forms, doesn't increase clients confidence and  cost of a six digit amount for a new financial start up to receive approval and a licence by FINMA doesn't help the financial sector either. The FINMA Director for asset management pointed out, that this was no problem and that there were hardly any financial start-ups applying. Of course not, with a waiting period of up to one year and very high cost, they would be bankrupt before even starting their business!

Also this year professor Erwin Heri, presented fintool and how he wants to help the financial sector. It is Heri's strong believe that financial literacy and clients who understand the markets better is a key element to future success of the financial sector. I share this believe to 100%! While at the above panel panelist talked about present and future problems, Heri comes up with a solution!

Why financial literacy is so important can be found below in the picture and the shown questionnaire including results. Many visitors participated, so there is hope....

This time there were two panels on Finance 2.0. Both moderated by Reno Borini, publisher of Punkt Magazin. Borini tried his very best to get out some decent information out of the panelist. He was not always successful. The audience also had the chance to ask questions by Twitter, great! It was certainly worse while to participate. That is also what thought the Finanz15 participants. In comparison to past years, both panels were frequented very well, excellent!

Because of the very interesting  panels and the even more interesting conversations aside of the panels time was short, or even too short for breakfast and lunch. Thank you very much LEONTEQ for saving my life;-)

Watching the visitors, talking to the exhibitors and participating in the panels it seems the Finanzmesse 2015 was a big success. Well done!

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